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Design Order Instruction

We are here to carefully hand-paint your favorite design on your shoes, to make them unique for you. Please see below for the detail steps:

  1. Place your order from our Designs collections
  2. You will receive an email asking for pictures of your shoes (please note the shoes must be brand new).
  3. We will verify the pictures within 2 business days of receiving them, to ensure the design fits the shoes and/or any adjustments are needed.
  4. Upon verification, we will ask you to ship your shoes to us. 
  5. We will meticulously implement the design on your shoes and will ship it to your address within 14 business days of receiving the shoes. 

If for any reason we determine that your ordered design cannot be hand-painted on your selected shoes, we will let you know, cancel your order, and make a full refund back to your account.

If you have any questions on the instruction, please contact us.

Cannot wait to see how our unique designs, and your favorite shoes, create a whole new art.