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About us

Nafari Moda was established in 2020 during the pandemic by two Iranian siblings Maryam and Kaveh Nafari. However, their journey traces back to their childhood in Shiraz, a city known for its art, poetry, and wine, where they spent summers visiting family. During those trips, Maryam's passion for art and keen attention to detail were nurtured by a dedicated painting instructor, allowing her to fully embrace the world of art. In 2020, Maryam, now a software engineer at a prominent company, and Kaveh, an economist at a big four firm, reconnected with their roots due to the pandemic. Maryam began painting again, starting with clothes and her own shoes. The response to Maryam's wearable art was overwhelming, transcending personal satisfaction to echo a broader sentiment. This outpouring of admiration and support planted the seed for a groundbreaking idea—to craft wearable art pieces designed for everyday use. And thus, nafari moda was born. Maryam and Kaveh's venture was driven by a twin purpose: to infuse art into the mundane, and to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Today, their love for art has come full circle. From the small studio in Shiraz to co-founding nafari moda, Kaveh and Maryam have learned that art can take many forms, and it's never too late to follow your dreams.