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About us

We founded Nafari Moda in 2020 in Seattle, Washington. We are two siblings Maryam and Kaveh Nafari, an engineer and economist. Our passion for fashion and craftsmanship was inspired by our father, although his profession was nothing close to apparel (he was an economics professor). He had a thing for being meticulous about his suits and of course his leather shoes. Following the same passion, we dreamed of creating something that is not mass produced, uses environmentally-friendly materials, is personal, and allows everyone to contribute their uniqueness to fashion. We worked hard to find a manufacturer that shares our goals, and we got lucky to find a family-owned business near Milan, Italy that handcrafts every single shoe with love. Maryam had been painting since she was a child and this was just a no brainer for her and Kaveh to translate it into something that is only made for you to wear every day and shine. The idea of using shoes as art canvas is just what we want.